Membership Categories

Full Member

Anyone studying in universities in Tampere can be a full member of Pii. As a full member, you can act as a board member of the club and you can vote in the club’s general meetings. Full member’s annual membership fee is 20 €.

Alumni Member

Anyone interested in sailing who is not studying at Tampere University can join as an alumni member. Alumni members cannot be a member of the club’s board, but it is possible to become an official. The annual membership fee for the alumni members is 50 €.

Supporting Member

The club’s activities can also be supported by joining a supporting member, with a membership fee of at least 100 euros. Supporting members cannot be members of the club’s board, but as alumni members, they can also become officials. Businesses and associations can also join as supporting members, with a membership fee of 150 €.

Joining Pii

To join Pii, you have to fill your information at and pay membership fee at the same time. Board of the club will approve the application for membership to fill its legal requirements. However, as rejections rarely happen, you’re not explicitly informed about the acceptance of the board, so you can consider yourself as a member of the club after you have paid the membership fee. Information can be filled and fee paid here.

After submitting a membership application, you should join the mailing list of Pii to get information about activities. Instructions for joining the mailing list are below. After a successful joining, you will get a welcome email that includes links to the sailing calendar as well as the Telegram groups of the club. For more information on membership, please contact

Joining the mailing list

To join the mailing list send mail to pii-members-subscribe a (content of the message does not matter) This way you will get all the info about clubs events and other stuff.

Paying the membership fee

Members of the club must pay their membership fees by the end of May. If the membership fee is not paid at the beginning of June, the member is deemed to have resigned. Fee is paid at