Pii gathers together the university students of Tampere interested in sailing, regardless of skill level. Everyone can take part in trips and evening sailings, including beginners interested in sailing. Experienced sailors can look for challenges such as the LYS competitions held at Lake Näsijärvi, which we are actively participating in.

Joining Pii is an inexpensive way to learn about sailing. Day sailings in Näsijärvi are free of charge and the fee for using Piida in Turku is very reasonable. The courses organized by the club are also suitable for the student’s wallet. However, most of the courses are taught in Finnish.

We organize annually courses focusing on practical and theoretical aspects of sailing. In addition, we organize, for example, radio, CEVNI, and first aid courses according to the interest of the members. Most of the courses are taught in Finnish.

Sailing is a wide-ranging hobby. In addition to boat and sail handling and navigation, the sailor must manage the boat’s annual maintenance. Joining the club boat maintenance team will allow you to participate in planning and doing maintenance tasks, and learn the basics of, for example, rigging, bottom, and engines.

Are you interested to join Pii?