Näsijärvi boats during summer

During summer Ida and Ada are located at Naistenlahti in so called Inva dock at places 26 and 36 in front of shop called Merimarina. Accessing the dock does not need a key. You can find your way to the dock with address Poijukatu 5. Do not look for word Naistenlahti as this might get you to the wrong side of the harbour.

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You can get near to the dock with bus line 2. There is room for bicycles near the dock.

If you arrive by car you can use free 30 minute parking near the dock for loading and offloading the boats, but for longer parking you need to park at so called K-Markets parking lot near address Käpytie 4. There are spots for over weekend parking (Friday 1400 to Mondau 0800) and for 24 hour parking. Note that these are separate areas. It is not allowed to park for longer times in this area. Location of the areas is depicted in the picture.

Please remember that sign for 24h parking means parking for 24 hours and not any longer. For weekend you should park for the spot which need parking time indicator during weekdays at 8-18 but not during weekends

Näsijärvi boats during winter

Ida and Ada are stored on storing area of Näsijärven purjehdusseura near Jänissaari at address Jänissaarenkatu 6. You can arrive near the location with bus lines 9,19 and 12. There is plenty od parking area nearby. To access the area you need to have a key. Pii has two of these keys.

Piidas location

Piidas home is in Pansion pienvenesatama. During summer the boat is stored in dock C at spot C61. During winter boat is near the west edge of the storage area. To access the harbour key is needed. There is plenty of parking area at the harbour and harbour is also accessable by public transport.