Signing up

In most of the cases sign up is done through our sailing calendar. Calendar is only open for our members and you get link to that after joining the club. For some special trips different kinds of sign up methods could be used, but this is informed separately.

All club members can take part on our sailing trips. In the most of the cases no prior experience or courses are needed. If you are sailing first time its a good idea to inform skipper about this. You can find their contact information from sailing calendar.

Sailing calendar

Sailing calendar is build on top of Google sheets and its easier to use it with computer. Sailing calendar looks like this:

Example of the calendar

There is different tabs for both of our Näsijärvi boats: Ida and Ada. Piida has its own similar calendar. Skippers of the club can marks saling trips to the calendar based on their cheduale and after that members can sign up for them. On the example blue areas ore for signing up. Not that overnight trips take multible days and signing up for only one is usually not possivle. Black areas are used to limit the maximum capacity and there can be more info on more info section. All information is not always available on multible languages, but feel free to contact the skipper to ask more details. Descriptions of the trips can for example be:

  • Jäsenpurjehdus/ member sailing: Trip usually at the eveing taking around 2-4 hours
  • Retkipurjehdus /over night trip: Trip where you spend a night(s) in some harbour
  • Kisapurjehdus /Racing: Racing in some race at Näsijärvi. Skipper could ask for some previous experience
  • Koulutuspurjehdus/ Education: Sailing trip with some educational theme
  • Oma purjehdus/ Own trip: Trip with no open spots reserved by skipper

Always fill in your name and phone number/ Telegram nick. Email could also help with communication. This contact information is important so skipper can inform you on changes witch can happen also on short notice. If there is nothing special to inform skipper might not contact you before trip. In that case just be at the boat on agreed time. Don’t be late. After signing up its good to check how to prepare and where the boats are. Feel free to ask more guestions from the skipper.